Adrenal / Thyroid Dysfunction

For some patients, synthetic thyroid hormones do not have the adequate effect on their thyroid gland as natural thyroid hormones do. These patients may have tried and failed manufactured products such as levothyroxine or liothyronine stating that they physically do not feel as they should, regardless of their lab results. At Hieber’s pharmacy, we are able to compound natural forms of T3 and T4 in ratios otherwise unavailable based on a patient’s needs. In addition to using naturally-derived thyroid hormones, we are able to eliminate many of the inactive ingredients found in commercially available medications that may be problem-causing for an individual.

Additionally, Hieber’s Pharmacy uses naturally-derived cortisol, testosterone and estrogen to make preparations for those patients with underlying adrenal conditions. More information regarding hormone replacement for men and women can be found under the Hormone Therapy tab