History of Hieber's Pharmacy

Locally owned. Locally operated. Locally loved.

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The Hieber brothers originally opened Hieber's Drug Store in the Strip District around 1860. The pharmacy moved several times to various locations on Fifth Avenue, until Frank Stanish bought the pharmacy in 1945. He brought the store to its present location on the corner of Fifth and McKee. In 1948, Ed (Sonny) Kilkeary partnered with Frank Stanish and remained as the owner of Hieber's Pharmacy until Joe Bettinger acquired the store in 2000. Mr. Bettinger retired in 2019 when Hieber's was then purchased by the current, and only female owner, Dr. Rosemary Mihalko.

Hieber's has a long history of excellence in compounding and patient care.

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Meet Our Staff

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Rosemary Mihalko, PharmD

Owner, Pharmacist

Rosemary is a 2011 graduate from the Mylan School of Pharmacy at Duquesne University. She began working at Hieber’s in June 2017 before becoming the new owner of the Hieber’s legacy on April 1, 2019, at 8 months pregnant! Rosemary and her husband, Shane, have two little boys, Gage and Kane, that keep them quite busy when not at work! Rosemary is working on expanding the pharmacy to the Strip District where her vision of old meeting new will come alive with a soda fountain and state-of-the-art laboratory.

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Zoë Lubow, PharmD


Zoë is a 2017 graduate of Pitt Pharmacy School. She also has a degree in chemistry from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts! Zoe joined the pharmacy team in July 2019 and when she has free time, she enjoys logic puzzles, watching tv, and bowling!

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Seana Armstrong, PharmD


Seana joined us as a compounding student intern in 2019. Since then, she graduated Pitt with her PharmD in May of 2021 and is our newest pharmacist at Hieber’s. She enjoys karaoke, traveling, and trying new restaurants.

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Tarang Patel

Lab Manager

Tarang has been with us since 2013! Occupying Tarang’s spare time are his wife of 19 years, Jalpa, his two handsome boys, Aditya and Shiv, and his sweet girl, Radha. He enjoys hiking, being outdoors, bicycling and riding motorcycles. But we’re not sure when he fits any of that into his busy schedule!

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Sara Holmes

Sterile Lab Manager

Sara is Hieber’s sterile compounding technician who has been with us since 2011! She enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, camping, and participating in dog competitions. If you can find Sara at home, she enjoys reading and working on house projects!

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Emma Reed

Emma joined the Hieber’s team as a student compounding technician in 2021. She is currently pursuing her PharmD at the University of Pittsburgh. In the little free time she has, Emma enjoys singing, reading, exploring Pittsburgh, and spending time with friends!

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