History of Hieber's Pharmacy

Albert and Ben Hieber originally opened Hieber's Drug Store in the Strip District around 1860. The pharmacy moved several times to various locations on Fifth Avenue, until Frank Stanish bought the pharmacy in 1945. He brought the store to its present location on the corner of Fifth and McKee. In 1948, Ed (Sonny) Kilkeary partnered with Frank Stanish and remained as the owner of Hieber's Pharmacy until Joe Bettinger acquired the store in 2000.

Hieber's has a long history of excellence in compounding and patient care. Some of our famous firsts are:

  • The first pharmacy in Pittsburgh to make progesterone and boric acid suppositories
  • One of the first pharmacies in the area to dispense the polio vaccine to neighboring schools in the late 1950's. Hieber's pharmacists worked directly with Dr. Jonas Salk, the original developer of the vaccine, to dispense the vaccine.

Hieber's Pharmacy continues to work closely with the neighboring hospitals to provide physicians and patients with quality compounds and medical supplies. Our tradition in excellence continues to this day under the direction of Joe Bettinger and his talented, knowledgeable staff. We use state-of-the-art equipment coupled with continuous training to guarantee superior products made uniquely for you!

Conveniently located in the heart of the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Hieber’s pharmacy is within walking distance to several area universities, hospitals, and public transportation stops.

Meet the pharmacist, Joe Bettinger R.Ph.

Joe web photo.jpg

Joe is the owner of Hieber’s Pharmacy. He was born in Brooklyn, NY and attended Bronx Community College. Afterward, he attended St. John’s University where he obtained a BS in pharmacy. His career in pharmacy started out as a stock boy during his sophomore year in highschool which eventually lead to him moving to the Pittsburgh area and acquiring Hieber’s Pharmacy in 2000. Joe loves people and solving their pharmacy-related problems! When he is not doing this, he keeps himself occupied riding his bicycle, playing racquetball or gardening. A little-known fact about Joe is that he once was the head of the theater group at St. John’s, the Chappelle Players!

Amanda Vaskov

Amanda is a 2012 graduate of the Mylan School of Pharmacy at Duquesne University and has been a compounding pharmacist since then! She began her career at Hieber's as an compounding intern in 2011. Each day she is responsible for receiving, preparing, and checking many of the prescriptions that are processed at the pharmacy. In her free time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and their dogs, as well as travelling. She also loves to cook, and among other things, especially likes to experiment with different varieties of pizza made from scratch.

Rosemary web photo.jpg

Rosemary Mihalko

Rosemary is a 2011 graduate of the Mylan School of Pharmacy at Duquesne University. She recently joined the team at Hieber’s in June 2017 as a part-time pharmacist. Rosemary spends most of her free time laughing and enjoying her husband, family and friends, running, and crafting. You might be interested to know that Rosemary was a tamburitzan most of her youth until college and has enjoyed playing various instruments including the prim (mandolin-like stringed instrument), clarinet and bass guitar.

Tarang web photo.jpg

Tarang Patel

Tarang is one of our full-time lead compounding technicians at Hieber’s Pharmacy. He has been with us for over 4 years! Occupying Tarang’s spare time are his wife of 14 years, Jalpa and his two handsome boys, Aditya and Shiv. He enjoys hiking, being outdoors, bicycling and riding motorcycles. But we’re not sure when he fits that into his busy schedule!

Sara web photo.jpg

Sara Holmes

Sara is our full-time sterile compounding technician who has been with Hieber’s for six years. She enjoys spending time outdoors camping, kayaking, and hiking with her family. If you can catch Sara indoors, she will most likely be reading or working on one of her numerous craft projects like faux stained glass art or cross stitching and quilting. Even though Sara doesn’t particularly enjoy running, she stays active by playing Gaelic football!

Nicole web photo.jpg

Nicole Rigone

Nicole is one of our full-time compounding technicians working with us for two years. She is currently enrolled in the weekend pharmacy program at Duquesne University. When Nicole isn’t working or studying, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, Rosalind and Einstein. Fun facts about Nicole are that she has a llama and wears cowboy boots every day!

Maggie web photo.jpg

Maggie Sabol

Maggie has been working full-time at Hieber’s pharmacy manning the front-end of the store including shipping/receiving and customer service for over two years. She and her husband Steve have three beautiful children, Roisin, Nieve and Simon. She is kept busy and fulfilled by spending time with her family, moonlighting as a bartender and volunteering with a local homeless ministry. Little known facts about Maggie are that she enjoys disco dancing and taking long walks in the rain!

Eric web photo (1).jpg

Eric Hansen

Eric has been the accountant at Hieber’s Pharmacy for 2 years. His two adorable girls and family time keep him very busy! You might be surprised to find out that Eric is a pretty good cook!

Roisin web photo.jpg

Roisin Sabol

Roisin has been a part-time stock person and compounding technician for five years. When she is not studying in college, Roisin enjoys photography and volunteering. Something surprising to know about her is that she can speak Chinese!

Ella Adams

Ella is our newest stock person joining the team in June 2017. She helps keep the pharmacy in order by answering phones, making deliveries to local hospitals, washing dishes and much more! She is a sophomore at Oakland Catholic and enjoys learning about math and science. Ella is deep into her faith and loves mass, adoration, retreats and mission trips. When she is not working on homework, at the pharmacy or catching up on sleep she enjoys painting, writing, crochet and other hobbies. Surprisingly, even though Ella loves to read, she has yet to finish the Harry Potter series!

Nieve web photo.jpg

Nieve Sabol

Nieve is one of our part-time employees on the stock team.

Erin web photo (1).jpg

Erin Sheedy

Erin is one of our part-time employees on the stock team.

Fiona web photo (1).jpg

Fiona Connelly

Fiona is a part-time compounding technician who is currently enrolled in pharmacy school.

Madelyn web photo.jpg

Madelyn Human

Madelyn is one of our part-time employees on the stock team.